Premium quality

Metal wall decorations

Metal wall decorations are new in the field of unique home decorations! The handmade creations are formed from sheet metal and then shaped by engraving, pressing and cutting. The resulting elements are then welded together and given unique atmosphere through various painting and antiquing processes. They come in all shapes and styles, from classic to modern minimalist. The decorations come in a variety of themes, colours and sizes.

Hand painted oil paintings

Our hand painted paintings are made in different styles and techniques, stretched on wooden blinds. They follow the latest trends in motifs and colors. These paintings do not require framing and can be displayed straight away. Some of the pieces in the collection are using gold and silver paints and materials, mainly in abstract and landscape themes. The other unique paintings in our range can also include exciting decorative materials such as metal, wood, paper, stone or textiles. The most popular themes for these high quality hand painted paintings are abstract, landscape, floral and still life. It is also important to highlight printed then hand painted works that offer a budget-friendly alternative to classic wall decorations.

Canvas prints with rhinestones and sequins

Canvas prints stretched on blinds, with special design and Eastern atmosphere to make you home unique. Most of these canvases are coated with a metallic effect material to create a unique effect of light and colour. The pictures are decorated with hand-applied rhinestones, sequins or acrylic stones to create an Eastern atmosphere in any room of the home. Following the latest trends, mandalas, circular motifs and warm tonal shades prevail on all pieces of the collection.

Glass pictures

Our glass pictures are gaining popularity, encompassing famous photo themes from around the world, nature images, delicious gastronomic themes. These pictures range from different themes, colours, sizes and series. They are great decorations not only for modern minimalist homes but also for rooms in classic styles.

Framed pictures

The classic and vintage trend has started to re-establish itself as a lifestyle over the last few years, with home decoration becoming an integral part of it. Our vintage-inspired antique-effect frames come in cream, green and blue colours. The motifs, mainly still lifes, are unique works of art printed on canvas and hand-painted.

Home decorations

Our home decorations are all individually selected, taking into account local needs and trends. They follow the latest trends in home decoration, which are also in vogue in Western Europe. They give space to decorate rooms with a modern, minimalist design, but also with a classic style. Our extensive range also includes ready-made accessory collections – such as lamps and vases with the same motif – that make is easy to create harmony in any room of your home.